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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 Resolutions!

One of my favorite things about the new year is setting goals.  Goals that I look back on, from time to time to remind myself that I have purpose in life.  Today I wanted to share my individual goals for self improvement for this year ^_^
  1. Spend more time with family and friends-  I often forget how blessed I am to have a wonderful family and awesome friends.  I don't want to get you for granted this year but cherish every single moment with you and make unforgettable memories!
  2. Be fit and healthy-  This is the most common one that I bet is on 99.9% of everyone's personal list.  Theres nothing wrong with trying to look better, it gives us all self esteem and motivation!
  3. Get more sleep- I never sleep, I only get 4 hours of sleep each day especially on weekdays! T_T  My goal for this year is to at least get 6 hours of sleep each day if not 8!  I will definitely show more improvement to my skin and weight, and it will also help me focus more throughout the day instead of being tired all the time!
  4. EnJhoy life more- Live life to it's fullest!  Have no regrets!  Have fun and enJhoy life while we still have it!  If theres something you want to do, just do it!  You should not have anyone not tell you otherwise!
  5. Stay positive- No matter what happens in life, no matter how much drama and how much haters we get, forget them!  They are either insecure or jealous!  Just wish them a good day and move on with your life!
  6. Update blog- I really love blogging, so my goal is to continue blogging for this year and express myself :)
  7. Save money-  There are other things that we must all take into account to aside from material things, though I love shopping,  I plan on buying things that are a necessity, Of course it's okay to splurge on things once in a while especially if you took the time and effort to save your money on it.  But other than that, here's my "go to chart" whenever I go to the mall. LOL. Im such a genius

   8. Learn something new-  We learn something new everyday,  I love knowledge, it makes you grow
       smarter, stronger, and wiser, and we all could use some of that!

Well those are my top 8 new years resolutions for 2012!  I hope you enjoy reading it, and hopefully I've inspired you to make some resolutions on your own,  if your not ready for year long commitment, that's completely fine, start on smaller goals for example,  "I will not eat chocolate for 1 whole week" or "I plan to sleep before 11pm every night"  no matter how small the goal is, it's one step closer to a better you! ;]

Thank  you so much for reading! -Vanessa Jhoy

My question for you?
-What are your 2012 resolutions for this year?-
Leave your creative response in the comment below or a link to your post (blog, tumblr, twitter, facebook) and I'll add it under this feed.  

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