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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Black and Gray

Funny Story:  So I went to Claire's expecting to buy a cheap pair of earrings, and what did I end up buying? A pair of boots and some hats for less than $20.  I know what your thinking... 
whaaaaat? o_0... I know right!

This hat is called the "Big City Chunky Cabbie Hat"  I bought one in black and the other in gray, hence and B&W artistic photos ^_^ On sale for $4!

The Gray Chunky Cabbie Hat is also $4, and it's honestly great quality!  Doesn't feel cheap, doesn't smell cheap, and most importantly it's soft and warm!
The boots: I can't find on their website it's probably sold out, but these were on sale for $8!
  Unfortunately they only had them in size 8 and I wear a 6½ to 7, but I bought them anyways lol.  

I only wore them once, they are super cute but super big! I'll probably give them away. 
I love the shape of the boots, the gray color, and the distressed look!  It gives out a very edgy tough girl feel :)
They also look exactly like Steve Madden's Turbow boots, if not better!  The Turbow's are retailing for $129.95

Question of the Day
What do you do when you can't sleep?
-I usually play "Snoopy's Fair" on my iPod touch.  Best game ever!

Thank you for reading! What did you buy this week? -xoxo Vanessa Jhoy
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