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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hello Kitty Shimmering Powder and Eyeshadow Palette Review

Today's review is on the adorable Hello Kitty shimmering powder and eyeshadow palette!  The packaging is so cute! Love it!  It is also very sturdy too! I've already dropped it a couple of times and the powder and the eyeshadows did not shatter! Whew!
So cute! >^.^< 
Even though all the shadows are shimery, it can still pull off a natural look! Lens worn XCK-105 by Geo
The bottom stack is the eyeshadow and the top stack is the shimmering powder with the mirror
Love the mix of metals! (silver and gold) <3
My two favorite eyeshadows are the bronze brown and the highlight color!
The shimmering powder is okay, the color tends to look a bit chalky with my skin tone, and unfortunately
the cute accent hello kitty bow is only good on the first layer, once you use the powder it goes away :(
Full Face :)  the flash washed away most of the color though D:
Pros:  Most adorable packaging ever!!!  Compact size, easy for travel, good sized mirror, sturdy, colors show up beautifully!
Cons: Lots of fallout that wastes a lot of product, needs to be applied with primer or a wet brush! :(

I'm looking on Sephora's site they have lowered the price to $20! Yippee!  
I would definitely recommend this to a hello kitty lover!

Which metal would you prefer? Silver or Gold?

Hope your having a fantastic day! -Hugs and Kisses- Vanessa Jhoy
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