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Saturday, January 28, 2012

"Perfect Pink" Brush Set Review

I purchased this brush set mainly because it was pink, but also because I've never owned a "brush set" before.  This was my first brush set purchase! Super Exciting! ^_^
FYI all brushes are dirty, I just used them >_<
  1. Blush Brush-  love love love!  Very soft good quality!
  2. Fan Brush- the one in this set I wasn't fond of,  the brush kept on shedding and I only use it when I'm brushing away fall-out.  I would of preferred a foundation brush in this set!
  3. Powder Brush- a lot smaller than expected, the add photo looks a lot bigger and fluffier but it applies powder well, an average brush.
  1. Concealer Brush-  love it!  extremely soft, out of all the brushes this one has definitely the best quality!  Very easy to work with!
  2. Medium Blending Brush- this is my favorite brush, love that it's tapered and it makes it really easy to blend out harsh lines! 
  3. Medium Eyeshadow Brush- average, nothing to special about it.
  1. Small Eyeshadow Brush- very useful, I love using this on my lower lashline!  Especially when a bright color is applied!
  2. Lip Brush- nothing to special about it, I only used it once, not really on my everyday use list.
  3. Angled Eyeliner Brush- another one of my favorite brushes, it's sturdy but not too stiff where it tugs on the eyelids, gives a nice precise line
  4. Dual-Sided Brow Brush and Lash Comb- I use this everyday! really helps me tame and shape my unruly brows, I also use the lash comb when I see clumps on my lashes!
This brush set has flaps for each section to protect the brushes.
It's also great for travel! It's as big as my current wallet and I keep both in my purse everyday!

Overall I adore this brush set and I'm so happy that I purchased it at Sephora!  I didn't want to spend too much on my first brush set and this was in my price range!  I love the soft pink color, the quality of most of the brushes, and the cute travel friendly roll it came with!  I keep it in my purse at all times, and whenever I need a re-touch, I have all that I need!

This brush set could have been perfect if they had included a foundation brush :(  I would of traded the fan brush with the foundation brush in a heartbeat!  Now I'm on a hunt for a foundation and kabuki brush.  I might even invest on a set that I can keep at home and just use this one for travel :)

Question of the Day
What were you watching on TV?
-Little Big Soldier starring Jakie Chan, I wasn't paying to much attention to it, obviously, and it was subtitled >_<

I hope everyone has a fantabulous weekend! Hugs and Kisses! Vanessa Jhoy

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