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Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Trip to New Jersey and New York!

Hey Everyone! Today I wanted to share some pictures that were taken when I went to New Jersey and New York!  Overall I had lots of fun, and I would definitely go again!  It was really cold and windy so I dressed for warmth and comfort, not to look cute! >_<

The M&M store was a must on my New York list!
With the Orange M&M!
With the Green Liberty M&M, looks awesome! lol
Haha doesn't it remind you of the lucky Buddha with kids all over it?
With the Elvis Blue M&M that rotates in a circle ^_^
Tee Hee
The buildings are so beautiful! 
New York subway system, which till know still confuses me!
Times Square! :)
New York Police Dept- NYPD ;p
Such a tourist photo! LOL with the flag.

Soo many people, all the time.

Foot Locker
With the New York Sightseeing bus, lol.
Music Hall Radio City- Barry Manilow is playing in April
NBC Studios
Rockefeller Center! Love it!
IDR what that was >_<
My obsession when I was a child, American Girl Dolls!
Approaching the Philippine Embassy
If some of you didn't know I'm 100% Filipino, US born.
Blending in with the crowd
Walking is the best transportation in NY
I didn't get to go to the real Statue of Liberty, but this is good enough lol.
H&M one of my favorite stores!
Big Building
Forever 21 in Jersey Gardens!
Jersey Gardens is HUGE!
Trying on a hat!
Well, those were all the solo photos I had from New Jersey and New York.  It was so much fun and I had a wonderful time!  Thank you so much for taking the time to experience my journey with me!  I also picked up a couple items when I was there too :)

Question of the Day
Which state do you like better New Jersey or New York?
-I love both! I prefer New Jersey for shopping and New York for sightseeing!

Have a Terrific Thursday! -Love, Vanessa Jhoy
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