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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Amy Winehouse Inspired Look

Hello everyone, today's look was inspired by English singer Amy Winehouse.  I love the thick eyeliner and jeweled mole, it's very eye-catching and flashy! :)
I decided to tone down the eyeliner a bit since our eye shape differs.

Inspiration Photo! Love the simple yet bold look!
Fierce! (No, it's a twisted receipt from my purse) :P

Love it! (princess mimi apple green lens)
Products Used: Neutral eyeshadows, blush, liquid lipstick, concealer, foundation, and gel eyeliner
Question of the Day
Can you taste the difference between Pepsi and Coke?
-Not really, both make me burp a lot. lol.  But I prefer Pepsi/Coke rather than 7-up/Sprite.

 Have a wonderful day! RIP Amy -Vanessa Jhoy
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1 comment:

Loka said...

R.I.P AMY WINEHOUSE! I love this inspires look! She had a very unique look that was her own look and she to rocked it! Way to go vanessa. :) We should see more of these inspired looks :)

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