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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Forever 21 Love and Beauty Matte Lipsticks Review!!! (natural, pink, coral, red)

If you follow me on twitter and instagram, some of you might of already know that I received my forever21 package this weekend :)  Today's review is going to be on Forever21 Love and Beauty Matte Lipsticks <3
4 shades: natural, pink, coral, and red. You can buy them [here]

I love this color!  Too bad it does not match with my skin tone =/  It's lighter than my natural lip color so it makes my lips look really chapped and dry =(  Suited better for those with lighter skin tones.

Even though this is called pink, it really should be called "hot" pink.  It's very bright, beautiful, and very trendy for Spring 2012!  And this is probably while it's currently sold out online right now!!!!

Not a fan of this color.  It's red-orange, makes my teeth look yellow and my skin tone look orange.  Pretty color by itself though.  Suited better for darker skin tones.

Love love love this red lipstick!  Matches my skin tone perfectly and makes my teeth look whiter! I may not wear this color on a daily basis, but I would definitely pull this out for a pop of color!!!

Pros: Cute packaging,  very pigmented,  creamy, price.
Cons:  Lack of color selection, odd vanilla smell.

Overall I am happy with F21 Love and beauty matte lipsticks!  If they added more colors to the line I would definitely purchase more!  It's only $2.80 so I would absolutely suggest this to those who are just starting their lipstick collection.  If offers the 4 basic lipstick shades so you can test of which shade is suited for your skin tone.  Would also make a cute and easy gift for a friend too!

One thing I would suggest about purchasing beauty products from F21.  ALWAYS BUY ONLINE! Why?  Because in F21 stores most beauty products are placed near the check out line.  So hundreds of people are touching them  and sometimes opening up the products.  If you purchase online, they came to you brand new mint condition and most importantly untouched and tampered!

I purchased other items from F21 and will continue doing mini reviews:)
Lens Worn: Hana SPC Platinum Brown

Question of the Day
What lipstick shade do you prefer?
-Semi nude, or in simpler terms a shade that is very similar to my natural lip color.  I feel it suites me best for obvious reasons, but seriously speaking I like mauve lipsticks :)

Have a wonderful week everyone!!! hugs and kisses -Vanessa Jhoy 
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