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Friday, April 6, 2012

Walmart Haul! Foundation, Brushes, Nail polish

Today I wanted to share a couple items that I recently hauled at Walmart :)
I picked up some nail polish, foundation, and brushes ^_^

I was looking for a cheap foundation that I could everyday throughout spring and summer.  I've seen a lot of beauty bloggers and youtubers who rave about this foundation and though I would give it a shot!  I heard this foundation would be light/sheer coverage and give out a dewy finish.  First, I was hesitant because dewy finish with my acne prone oily skin might create a extremly shiny face but I was feeling optimistic =P

The Results

I suffered through severe acne during my teen years T_T  As a result I know have intense discoloration and a very uneven skin tone.  Though this foundation is light to sheer coverage, I was surprised it covered most of my acne scars! USA, LLC

I was so excited to see that my red acne scars has vanished with this foundation on! :D  Although you can still see my huge pores through the foundation, I was not wearing primer.  I'm still searching for a primer that I can invest in to mask those pesky pores!!! Any Suggestions?

With new foundation, I needed new foundation brushes.  I've never had foundation brushes before and my recent purchase of the Pink Sephora Brush Set didn't have any.  I've always used my fingers when applying foundation but I wanted to change because it would always get very messy especially with liquid!!!! -_-

The brushes are very soft, a good weight, and surprisingly applies foundation very smoothy.  I wasn't expecting much from a walmart brand especially since it is under $15 but I actually favor this better than the Sephora brushes I own which are 5x the price! T_T

OMG! I was not expecting this at walmart! I've always wanted to try the brush guard after seeing Michelle Phan's video, and it was so random seeing it at walmart. My first reaction was to buy the five that were left but I decided to buy one, to try it out.  Turns out this simple piece of plastic works wonders when drying and shaping brushes!  Unfortunately I can't find the brush guard on the walmart website :(  darn.

These fun flirty nail polish caught my eye, and thought it would be a great addition to my newly started nail polish collection :)

Love this hot pink color!  The nail polish is very opaque and one coat is more than enough.  The brush is also flat and wide for easy application!

This lavender color is so beautiful! It's such a fun color!  I don't know about the "up to 10 days" advertised but so far I don't have have any chipping!  

140 French Rose- no picture-  I used it on my toes, very pretty and sheer but I needed 3 coats for the salon finish I was looking for.

Added blue eyeliner for a pop of color along with a baby pink color for the lips
Lens Worn  [G&G Diamond Gray]

Overall I was very happy with my purchase!  Love all the items I hauled and especially loved the prices!!! ^_^

Question of the Day
What is your current lip obsession? Lipstick, lipgloss, lip balm, other?
-definitely lipstick, I've never liked lipstick before but now that I'm older and matured, I'd chose a lipstick over a lipgloss.  I love the variety of colors!

Have a fantastic friday!!! love Vanessa Jhoy
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