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Monday, May 28, 2012

Classic French Braid

One of my favorite hair styles of all time the classic french braid.  It's so simple yet so elegant, and can be sported in very different ways, from edgy to chic! ^_^
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I like to keep my french braid tight without any fall outs because my hair is so think and having it otherwise would make it look messy.  My hair is naturally soft black, but I did color it brown a long time ago, therefore looking like highlights.

I'm thinking about either dying my hair brown again or back to natural black.  What do you think?

Question of the Day
How do you and your family celebrate Memorial Day?
-We usually have a cookout or go fishing, sometimes my birthday falls on memorial day so therefore we celebrate it then.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day! God bless the troops! Love, Vanessa Jhoy
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