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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Recent Nail Polish (swatches)

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to share with you a couple of nail polishes that I recently acquired, most of them are green, but I do have yellow and also white! ^_^
The brands are Claire's, Spoiled by wet n wild, (which recently I didn't know existed) and OPI
Surprisingly the colors look really good together!

Close Ups
Basic white polish, needs at least three coats.
Matte slime like color, no shimmer.
Light green polish with gold shimmer.
Matte mint green polish.
Sheer canary yellow polish, needs at least three coats.
Overall I love all the colors, but unfortunately the quality of these polishes are ehhhh..  All of the polishes need to be built up, some of them  using at least 3 coats  =/ even the OPI polish is very streaky and hard to work with. It may be because the colors are so light, but I'll be on the hunt for better quality :)

FOTD: Face of the Day
Not wearing that much makeup today, hair looks terrible and my roots are growing out.  I didn't fill in my eyebrows either, and yes for whatever reason I never grew hair in that spot. >_<

Question of the Day
Are you going to do anything with your hair?
-Yes! I'm going to color and cut it hopefully this weekend! :3

Hugs and Kisses- Vanessa Jhoy
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