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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Summer Haul

Hey everyone, today I wanted to share with you some things that I picked up for the summer. Some hair care products, blushes, foundation, and other fun stuff! ^_^

A lot of beauty bloggers and vloggers have been raving about these products so I thought I would give it a try.  

Erase Past Medium#2 (left) I'm not a fan, the concealer has too much of a pink undertone and it makes me looks ashy and it smells like a box of crayons, will not be repurchasing

Girl Meets Pearl (right) I absolutely love the color! It matches well with my skin tone, and it's not too shimmery either.  It has a pearly golden pink sheen to it. I'm considering purchased the full size product!

The POREfessional I haven't had a chance to try out the product, so I will do a separate review on this to see if it will minimize my pores, I tried it on my hand feels nice, I'm hoping it doesn't break me out.

My hair is naturally curly, and during the summer is gets really curly and frizzy!  I normally don't wash my hair on a day by day basis either, but during the summer it gets soo hot, and I end up washing it, sometimes twice a day.  It tends to really strip my hair :( Therefore I invest in a lot of hair products during the spring summer.

This is my go-to product! Although pricey, it' really worth the investment, as you can see I've purchased back ups.  Leaves my hair soft, reduces frizz, and my curly hair loves it!

Smells exactly like chocolate, looks exactly like chocolate fudge, tastes exactly like chocolate frosting (jk lol >_<).  I don't use this for my hair, but it's a really nice shower gel that I like to use once in a while, especially when I want to relax.

I haven't tried it yet, but it's supposed to be really good for curly hair, and it smells very good. Fresh and clean. :)

Who says your feet can't get a treat? Especially when summer is rolling around the corner.  With flip flops and sandals everywhere, the last thing anyone wants to see is dry crusty feet :3 I pamper by soaking my feet once a week and trust me it's worth it! :)

Samples I got in my sephora package.  Both smell really good,  but I'm more inclined to BVLGARI Coral because of the sweet clean scent and may be purchasing the roller ball when I run out.  The Cartier Baiser smells really good as well, but it's more of a night scent, and more muskier.

Sephora also gave me these mini lip duo's since my birthday is in May.  I love it! They are so cute and both smell very nice and it's moisturizing!  Both are sheer and I'll probably repurchase the full size when I run out!

MUFE HD foundation is my current favorite, this is my second bottle!!!  It goes on really nice, good medium coverage, non oily, and most importantly doesn't break me out!!! Shade 123 is also the closest match to my skin tone so far, and it's specifically made for olive skin like me.

MUFE Smoky Lash- Haven't tried it yet, but the formula seems kind of dry, it also could be because it's a sampler

MUFE HD Microperfecting Primer- Haven't tried it yet either, I wonder if it works better than Benefits POREfessional

Summer Blushes

LOVE this duo!!! Very pigmented, love the colors, applies very nicely with a contour and blush brush, I'm really considering purchasing the Hot & Spicy duo as well.  I will be using this regularly during summer and looks great on tan skin!

I like this color, very sweet and innocent, great for everyday use.  The color payoff isn't as good as I expected, but it may be because I have a sampler. It has a beautiful sheen and will also be using this on a day by day basis.  This color is also great year round, aside from Lorac Hot&Spicy that may be too bright for some!

Question of the Day
Would you rather wear shorts or a short sleeve shirt when it gets hot out?
-hmm, short sleeve, I rarely wear shorts unless I'm in the house, but I'd rather wear dresses when it's really hot out.

Thank you for stopping by! hugs and kisses- Vanessa Jhoy
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