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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Book Review: Unraveling

I randomly found this book, the summary seemed interesting enough to spark my attention so I decided to give it a shot.

I was surprised when I found myself trapped in this book, I definitely found this an awesome read, and I sometimes stayed up till 4am just to read what's next.

I would give this action packed book 

Reasons Why?
  • I didn't read this book based on suggestion.  I found this book while browsing through 2012 published books.  This was just released in April 2012 and even though I don't really lean towards "stop the countdown, save the world" type of books, Unravelling really took me by surprise!

Whats this book about?
  • Janele is a 17 year old girl that dies by a hit and run in the beginning of the book.  This guy name Ben, a guy she knew but never spoke to, brings her back to life.  Her FBI agent father is working on a top secret case that may be connected with her so called death.  Her mother is bipolar and has constant episodes so Janele is left with taking responsibility over her younger brother Jared.  To keep it short and sweet, Janele has to figure how to save the world  before the countdown ends, because that may be a reason why Ben brought her  back to life. 

  • A lot of action! Not boring at all! I expected that the introduction was going to be long and dreadful, but I was surprised when it wasn't.  Elizabeth Norris definitely gets to the point when she writes, which I like.
  • I was emotionally attached!  I honestly cried TWICE while reading this book.  There were so many ups and downs that were definitely unexpected.  There was one part of the book that made me feel giddy and happy and right when I turned the page and read the next sentence my heart dropped and I was like, "Oh ****!" This was a true roller coaster ride.
  • Great read for everyone.  Good for adults and for teens,  I wouldn't suggest this to anyone under 14, but this book does offer to a wide range of readers.  This would be a great summer read for teens.
  • Great hook.  The events in the book were written seamlessly, great cliffhangers that made me read non-stop.

  • Other than the fact that I probably have to wait an entire year before the 2nd book gets released, I didn't find that much to complain about, except for wanting more.
  • If your not into the cliche "saving the world" type of book, then this book is probably not for you.  
  • This book will cater to those who love watching X-files, Roswell, Fringe, Veronica Mars, and I am Number Four.  I myself is only a fan of Fringe and Veronica Mars.

Is this book movie material?
  • Absolutely!  Theres so much action in the book, that it would be an awesome film, of course if directed and produced correctly.  I haven't thought of any actors/actresses who would be a great fit for this book, and the cover of the book throws me off with the faces.
  • If created into a movie, this will definitely be a teen version of 2012.

-Do you have any book suggestions?-

My Questions for those who read the book.

What did you think about it?

Who would be in your imaginary movie cast?

Thanks for reading! -Vanessa Jhoy
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