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Monday, June 4, 2012

Color Block Nails Tutorial :)

This tutorial will show you how to color block your nails.
It's fun, easy, and perfect for summer!

You can use a combination of your favorite colors!

What you Need: 
Three nail polish colors.  
One base color either black or white.  
And two different colors for contrast.  

Don't forget to use a base coat to protect your natural nails and a top coat for extra shine!

For this tutorial I decided to use blue, white, green.  But feel free to use whatever colors you want!
Use one of your contrast colors and paint your entire nail.

Next add your base color diagonally to emphasize the colors. 
For this nail I went left to right, but feel free to go from right to left. (ex. on middle nail)

Add your last contrast color going diagonally the opposite direction to complete the design

And your done! Repeat steps but change the color order to create the retro feel! :)

I decided to free hand this nail design, if you want more sharper and crisp edges you can use scotch tape to protect your previous color and make perfect lines.

Hope you found this tutorial helpful!  If you decide to do this nail design please show me a picture on Facebook, twitter, instagram, or comment below! ^_^

Hugs and Kisses -Vanessa Jhoy
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