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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cute Mini Pouch

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to share with you this cute little mini pouch that I purchased from Ezzie's etsy.  Isn't it so cute!  This was a custom made mini pouch that I requested. I was looking for something small enough to fit in my purse but big enough to fit my retainers in them! ^_^
I picked out this super adorable minty green polka dotted fabric for the material. 
And requested to have a cute bow added to the pouch.
Ezzie added this tiny blue heart charm for the zipper.
And the interior also matches the bow.
I also wanted the material to be soft and flexible.
My retainer case is honestly really ugly and gross.  I never bring it anywhere because its just so bulky and draws a lot of attention to it.  Therefore whenever I go out to eat, I always wrap my retainers in a napkin and put it in my purse.  When I do, I end up throwing away the napkin along with my retainers in them :( Now whenever I go out to eat I can place my retainers in the napkin and store it inside this pouch! :)
Look at the difference, the pouch is a 1000 times cuter that my shameful plak smacker!  
Even though the pouch is bigger in size, the pouch can be folded because the material is really soft and flexible. It can be stored anywhere, it even fits in my back pocket!

Overall, I am so happy with my purchase!   I love it!  I've been looking for an etsy seller who could make my custom made mini pouch specifically that size.  Ezzie worked really hard fulfilling my request and she did a great job.  She was very patient because I kept changing my order and kept adding and taking away things, in regards to color, size, and design.

Aside from my retainer use, This pouch will be very useful for storing lip products!  You can store a some of your favorite lipsticks, balms, and shorter lipgloses and bring it on the go!

Ezzie's main focus for her etsy is jewelry but she also does makeup pouches too!

Thanks for reading! Hugs and Kisses- Vanessa Jhoy
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