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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

DIY: Nail Polish Racks

This DIY will teach you how to make quick and easy nail polish racks! :)
What you need:
- 3 foam poster boards (color of your choice, I got mines at walmart for $1.88 each)
-Ruler (I used a 12 inch. but if you have a yard stick that is preferred)
-Pencil (or whatever you have: pens, markers, highlighters, liquid eyeliners :P)
-Glue Gun (I used a smaller size, but a bigger size is preffered)
-Glue Gun refills (It's a must! your going to using a lot of glue)
-Box cutter (Is preferred, I didn't have one so I used a regular knife)

Mark your 3 boards accordingly with the template I made
Board 1

Board 2
Board 3

Photos in Progress 
(taking with my iPhone)
Cut boards 2 and 3 along the lines you have marked.
If you want cleaner lines use a box cutter.
Glue your shelves, support, and sides with your glue gun!
2 inch- shelves
1 inch- support
2.5 inch- sides
Finished! Tada! It's not perfect but I think it has character! :D
More Photos

Total Time:
It took me 2 hours to complete from start to finish.

Money Spent:
I spent about $6 for the foam boards, the rest I already had lying around the house.

Was it easy?
Yes! It's a no brainer!

Words of advice?
-The glue gun is hot! If you mess up wait till the glue cools off before picking it off!
-Be careful with the box cutter/knife, it can cause some serious accidents!

Great for sleepovers!
If you don't want to make a huge nail polish rack, cut the boards in half so you and a friend can make 2 mini nail polishes racks :) Decorate, add designs, and be creative!

Thank you for reading, tell me how your nail polish rack turned out! Vanessa Jhoy
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