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Sunday, June 3, 2012

How to Clean Makeup Brushes

This tutorial will show you how I clean my makeup brushes!  Keep in mind there are plenty of ways to clean makeup brushes. This method works for me! :)

Eww look how dirty all the makeup brushes are :(

Step 1: Run the bristles of the brush under warm water.  Try your best not to get water inside the brushes ferrule because doing so will soften and remove the glue that holds all of the bristles together.

Step 2: Use  your cleaning agent of choice and apply a small amount in the palm of your hand.  Gently work your brush in a circular motion to create a lather.  You will see the lather change color and the excess makeup bleed out.  Rise and repeat until lather is clear.

Step 3: Once all of the soap and makeup are rinsed out blot the excess water with a paper towel.

All done! Brush is clean and good as new! :)

Methods of Drying
I use two different methods of drying
Lay the brushes flat over a paper towel to dry

Use a brush guard and place it into an empty glass.  Brush guard holds the bristles in place while giving it the ability to dry upright.  This will keep the shape of the brush and also prevent water going into the ferrule.

Cleaning Tips
-Wash your brushes on a weekly basis
-You can use baby shampoo, dish washing soap, or bath soap to clean your brushes
-If the bristles get dry you can add a small about of olive oil or conditioner to the wash
-Make sure you also disinfect your makeup handles too

Hope you found this tutorial helpful! :) Vanessa Jhoy
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