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Monday, July 23, 2012

Arm Candy Collection

Today I wanted to share my very small bracelet and watch collection.  Most of the arm candy were given to me as gifts so these items hold a very special meaning to my heart.
I only have 2 watches and 9 bracelets at the moment.
I love the combination of pearls and crystals in this bracelet.  It's very cute and feminine and has a very classic appeal to it.
This was given as a gift from Zambia.  I love the beaded work and how versatile this bracelet is.  These are one of my casual bracelets and I love all the different colors.
I wear this bracelet when I'm feeling fancy.  I love the royal purple crystals and the gold plated rhinestones that surround it.

I love this puka shell bracelet!  Most puka shell bracelets only come in white, but I love the mauve colored shells to give it a more girly look.  It also comes in a matching necklace and looks best when worn with casual clothing.
This shell bracelet was given as a gift to me from the Bahamas.  I used do wear this bracelet everyday, but unfortunately the elastic stretched out.  I am definitely going to replace the string so I can wear it more often.
I got this bracelet from HeQi Crystal designs about 3 years ago online.  It's a very unique bracelet and looks very whimsical.  I love the color combination of pink gold and green and love how this bracelet can be dressed up or down.
I love this bracelet!  I love the vintage look and the detailed work of this bracelet is breathtaking.  The color of brass and turquoise is beautiful.  Once again very versatile, can be worn dressed up or down.
I purchased this for myself for my birthday.  I love the thick chunky black leather and the polished Tory Burch logo as it's center piece.  Whenever I wear this bracelet I get a lot of compliments and it's definitely an eye catcher.
This gift was given to me by my boyfriend.  I love the Tiffany notes appeal to it, and the heart toggle,  it's so cute!  I love sterling silver and it's a great staple piece to my collection.
This hello kitty watch was given to me as a gift.  I am a huge hello kitty fan and love the simplicity of this watch.  The big hello kitty watch face draws a lot of attention and it's super adorable.
This burberry watch was given to me as a gift from my boyfriend.  I love the classic burberry look and the dainty size of the face.  It's very classy and chic.
The famous burberry design is used as a strap of the bracelet and it's very comfortable and does not get dirty easily which was one of my big concerns.
I love the craftsmanship of the burberry watch.  The details are extremely exquisite.  The packaging that the watch came in was also gorgeous.  It comes with a big leather case that's very sturdy.

Overall I like to keep my arm candy to a minimal.  I like to wear timeless pieces that I can keep for a long period of time.  Do you have any bracelets or watches that you cherish?

Thank you for reading! -Vanessa Jhoy
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