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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Gradient Nails Tutorial :)

This tutorial will teach you have to create beautiful gradient nails! It's really easy and fun to do and best part is being able to change the color combinations!
I love the overall look! Very cute and fun!
For fall try using a black nail polish to deepen the overall look!
This part doesn't need to be neat, a thin layer works best!
Fun Fact- Prior to doing this nail tutorial, I had orange, yellow, and white gradient nails!
Don't have to be neat in this part! Make sure you use a generous amount!
Works like magic!
Use dabbing motions to blend out the colors evenly
This is why you cut the sponge in half to reduce clean up time!
Bold and colorful!
Overall this is probably one of the more easier nail looks. 
 Great for beginners and it looks amazing on any nail length! :)

Feel free to use whatever combination you like, you can even use more than 3 colors.  
The more the merrier!

Here are the 3 nail polishes used for this tutorial

Hope you found this tutorial helpful!  If you decide to do this nail design please show me a picture onFacebook, twitter, instagram, or comment below! ^_^

Hugs and Kisses -Vanessa Jhoy
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