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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hair Tools and Eye Gadgets Mini Haul

Hello Everyone! Today I wanted to share with you a couple of things I purchased recently.  I needed to get hair tools and eye gadgets hence the mini haul! ^_^

Hair Tools
I wanted to try new hair styles so I bought a teasing brush to help add volume to my hair.

I also picked up some jaw clips to make it easier to hold my hair while I straighten it.

And of course some bobby pins to hold the hair style in place!
I'm loving the bobby pin opener!  That's the reason why I hate using bobby pins, I don't like using my teeth.

Eye Gadgets
The cute packaging appealed to me and so did the fun pearly colors.
I was surprised with the pigmentation! Wow!  I love the hint of gold because it suits well with my tan skin.  The only downfall is the roller ball only works while facing down. So if you want to use the roller ball directly on your lids it won't apply!  

Best method of use: swatch it on your hand first, pick the shadow up with a brush, and apply to the lid.  So far I'm not complaining though... I usually do that to all my shadows anyways.
I love this rosy mauve color! Once again I'm surprised with the pigmentation.  I wanted to show you how much product the shadow cream provides. Not a lot, but it is a duo ended eye stick.  
I only bought this for the white end,  So far it applies creamy and doesn't smudge.  I'm not sure about the staying power yet either.  I just realized that there's more black than white, boo!
Overall, I'm very happy with my purchase.  The hair tools I know I'm going to use for sure, and I'm really excited about my teasing brush :)  Can't wait to create some hair looks for the summer.  The eye gadgets I'm very fond of as well.  I really like the color selection I chose and plan to use it for upcoming makeup looks.

Thanks for reading! -Vanessa Jhoy
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