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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Throwback Thursday: Summer Fun!

This is my first "throwback Thursday" photo!  I love looking at everyone else old photos and I thought this would be the perfect photo to start off with.  Haha, I am definitely ready for summer!

Baby Jhoy OOTD
-Red bathing suit with white stripes and polka dots
- Super cute matching red and white sunglasses
-Can't forget the Mickey and Minnie Mouse pool!

I don't remember when this photo was taken but I'm guessing I was about 2 years old.  I think I had fun that day or at least I should have!  Who wouldn't?  Got my bathing suit and my shades on, all I gotta do is jump in the pool!!! ;)

Have any summer memories?

Thanks for reading! -Vanessa Jhoy
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