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Friday, August 17, 2012

Caviar Nails Tutorial :)

This tutorial will teach you how to make fun and easy caviar nails!
                   o   o
                   '  '     ,oO))))))))Oo,
                           ,'))))))))))))))), /{
                      '  ,'o  ))))))))))))))))={
                         >    ))))))))))))))))={
                         `,   ))))))\ \)))))))={    
                           ',))))))))\/)))))' \{

Can't find this brand anywhere online, but these are from Micheals

So just incase the beads come off, it'll still have a layer of polish.

This is the important step! You want to make sure you cover your entire nail with a nice thick coat!

Easy peasy! 

One of the benefits of using a plastic bag is that you don't have to clean up after! All the excess beads will remain in bag.  You don't have to worry about beads spreading everywhere!

This will not make the caviar nails look any different or better, so don't worry if you don't have it! :)

Crucial step! If you want your nails to last for a week, you must use a top coat! I will have proof down below!

Tada! ^_^

I also experimented with different designs
1- Blue base with clear beads under white
2- Blue base with pink beads
3- My fav Blue base with clear beads
4- Blue base with blue beads
The importance of a top coat!
I only put a top coat on my pinkie, look at the difference!
A top coat really protects the beads and keep them in place!

Overall I'm not a huge fan of caviar nails, but this was something I wanted to try, to see what the caviar craze was all about.  The caviar nails look much more beautiful in person because photos really take away from the overall look of the nails.  It actually looks a bit creepy in photos then the pearliness effect it has in person. 

This is great for sleepovers or for a girls nail day!  The microbeads are not that expensive and you and your friends can share a bottle and create a lot of fun designs!  It's super easy to do and if you use the plastic bag trick, no beads will fall on the floor!

Thanks for Reading! -Vanessa Jhoy
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