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Saturday, August 4, 2012


Hello! Another GLOSSYBOX review, today's review will be on July's 2012 box :)
5 deluxe size samples, plus 1 free sample

Important from Germany this foot cream smells really good and is very moisturizing,  I love the mint scent and how it applies to the skin.  I enjoyed this product sample.

Imported from the UK this balm is 100% organic.  I think that the packaging is really cute.

It was really hard to open, I had to use a metal nail file to loosen the sides.  Overall it is clear and the consistency is like petroleum jelly.  It also has a decent scent to it.

This was the first thing that caught my eye when I opened my July's GLOSSYBOX, I'm excited to try this product and I'm glad that they included a shampoo and a conditioner!

I've never tried senna cosmetics before but I really enjoyed their duo ended lip gloss.  One end is a pretty corally pink, and the other end is a rose pink which both colors will look great on all skin tones.  Not too sticky and it applies smoothly.

I'm interested in perfume samples, so I did not open this.

I like flipping through the glossymag's that are also provided with the box.

Overall I think July's box was wayyyy better than June's.  There were a lot more products in this box that appealed to me.  I liked how they added a shampoo and a conditioner.  The foot cream, lip gloss, and balm I use and keep it in my purse.  This is a very practical safe box and I really enjoyed it.  I hope they would put nail polish samples in the box's again, those were my favorite, and I think nailpolish appeals to a lot of other too!

They have a current promo on their facebook fanbook page.  Everyday during the olympics they will be giving away two boxes from other GLOSSYBOX countries, (non US)  Click here to check it out!

Thanks for Reading! -Vanessa Jhoy
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