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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Where have I been!? [pic heavy]

Hello everyone! I know, Not blogging for two months is no excuse.  So here are some photos to show you what I've been up to! 

Starting from the day after my last post...

Vermicelli, OMG so good! 
Starbucks :) Guess which one is mine!
Chicken bowl is my favorite thing to order at chipotle!
Hello Hello!
My little cousins 4th birthday!
Chillin in my room
Pink Domo!
Lemon grass chicken with rice and vegetables!
Ombre glasses!
Bored in the car
Kabob yummy!
Tee hee!
Spiderweb makeup
Bored in the car again.
Lumberjack girl :P
Rainbow puto! [Filipino rice cake]
Winky, Smile!
Blueberry muffins and milk, nom nom nom.
Hello kitty keychain!

Early morning run!
Sunrise! On my way to New York!
Times Square New York!
With Minnie Mouse in New York!
Tired from traveling!
Thanksgiving dinner, Filipino style!
Black Friday Haul!
I love eating pho in a cold and windy day!
Most recent pic, creepy girl.

I do apologize for my long hiatus, I'm back now! :)

What really happened?  To put it in simpler terms life happened...  I just got caught up in the real world and didn't have time to post or the motivation to do so. 

All of these photos were taking on my ihpone and posted on instagram: vanessajhoy, they now have a web-version so you can view the rest of my photos [here]

More posts coming soon! ^_^

Thank you for reading! -Vanessa Jhoy
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