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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Monthly Instagram Photos

Here are my some of my instagram:vanessajhoy photos for the month! Enjoy ^_^

Farm girl French braid

Favorite ice-cream flavor: cookie monster crunch!

Sunday Funday nap time in my froggie jammies! :)

One of my favorite meals to order at Panera: tortellini alfredo, with broccoli and cheese soup, bread

Cleaning out my purse, ugh! lol

At the gym, with one of my new shirts from my haul [here]

Unos: Loving their sir loin, bread stick, broccoli, and mash potatoes!

My comfort food: vanilla bean frap, cake pop, and hello panda! nom nom nom

At the gym again trying to get my fitness on!

Arn't these hello kitty cupcakes the coolest?!

Start Strong Finish Stronger- Nike

Being goofy without makeup! lol

Po has never seen icecream filled cupcakes before! Neither have I! They are sooo delish!

Me at my friends wedding! OOTD post [here]

May 29 is my birthday! Yay for Balloons!

Look at this awesome homemade Hello Kitty cake! It was amazing! Thank you!

Bunny! Eeek!

Froyo! I love watermelon and vanilla froyo mixed with strawberry, mango, and almond toppings!

One of my favorite summer scents! Limited edition "summer boardwalk" from bath and body works!

One of my birthday gifts, strawberry pocky sticks, sheer plumeria scented candle, chocolate hello panda, Edward Cullen birthday card, and a Sephora gift card.  Thank you!

Hard to find! Delicious buko pandan flavored icecream! yummy!

Thanks for Reading- Vanessa Jhoy
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