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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sam Edelman Georgina Review in Natural

Hello Everyone!  I have exciting news to share!  Today I will review Sam Edelman's Georgina gladiator sandal in natural.  I have been searching for these gladiator sandals everywhere and when I randomly came across them at Bloomingdales, the last one in my size, I grabbed it right away! Eeeeeek! ^_^  I love them and I'm so happy with my purchase!

Sam Edelman is one of my favorite designers when it comes to casual shoe wear.  He uses a combination of chic and edginess to all of his designs.  The Sam Edelman brand was launched in 2004 and has been popular ever since!  It's amazing how much the brand was exploded over a short period of time.

I believe these sandals are limited edition because I cannot find them anywhere, but the Gingers are a similar design and can be found on their website - Here
I love love love the design!  The natural color matches perfectly with any skin tone! I'm obsessed with the combination of rhinestones and spikes.  It definitely gives the sandal a girly but bold attitude.  The design is also very versatile.  It can be worn with a beautiful summer dress or even jeans and it will still look superb.

The leather is also very soft and comfortable and there is also a slight padding to the sole that makes it easy to walk in.  I have small feet and I often have trouble finding sandals that will flatter my foot size but the linear design makes my feet appear longer.  

Georgina's details are beautiful and the craftsmanship is stunning! It will definitely last for a long time and will be able to endure wear and tear.  I don't have any cons just because I have been wanting Sam Edelman's for a really long time, and I'm just pleased I was lucky enough to purchase a pair.  The only problem is Georgina is impossible to find.

Online Stores that sell Sam Edelman Georgina but are currently out of stock :(
may re-stock?

Online Stores that sell Sam Edelman Georgina that are in stock :)
however limited to size

I'm definitely going to be wearing these pair of sandals all summer!

I hope everyone is having a great summer! Thanks for Reading! -Vanessa Jhoy
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