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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Haul! (Forever21, Victoria Secret, Bath and Body Works, Khols, New York and Company)

Hello Everyone!  I just wanted to share with you some of the items I purchased on Thanksgiving weekend.  Overall I got some amazing deals and I'm hoping all of you bought items you were really happy about too!

What is Black Friday?
Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving where a lot of big retailers open at 12AM (or earlier) and have major sales.  In simpler terms, Black Friday is when stores open early and people go crazy trying to buy stuff and it's the biggest shopping day of the year!

What is Cyber Monday?
Cyber Monday is the Monday after Thanksgiving where online sites post incredible deals online.  Sometimes 50% off an entire store or free shipping on all items!  Definitely a winner for all those online shoppers!

(photos directly from
I was so excited about the boots because I don't own any over the knee boots.  Instead of buying 1 pair, I bought 2 because they had a sale of 50% on all boots!

Here's a selfie with the cut out cardigan, I love it!

I saved the most at Khols this year.  Not only were all of the items that I bought 70% off, I had an additional 15% coupon, and If I spent $50, I received $15 cash back.  The prices above don't reflect the additional 15% off, and I excluded the $15 cash back.  I saved 3x as much as I spent.  Even the cashier thought it was amazing, they might of just given the me the items for free. lol.

Bath and Body Works
Unfortunately Bath and Body Works in previous years had the 3 for $30 sale.  (3, three wick candles for $30, making each candle $10 each) but now their sale is 2 for $22.  Each candle is $11.  Womp Womp.  However I had a $10 coupon making one of the candles practically free.
The first one I burned out of the 3, twisted peppermint, yummmmmm.

New York and Company
(photos directly from
New York and Company always have the same sale, 50% off the entire store.  I like buying my mature clothes at this store, great attire for the work place.  I went to a new outlet store so they offered an additional 20% off 1 item.

Victoria's Secret
(photos directly from
I was really excited about the perfumes only being $25!  I've owned lot of the bombshell body sprays in the past and those were my favorite but never tried the perfume.  I bought these all online,  I mainly bought the PINK perfume because the packaging was cute.  I got a really good deal because I also had $15 off if I spent $100, and also received the secret rewards card that I can use for my next purchase.
I got them in the mail today!  Bombshell smells amazing!  PINK is very light and sweet, more of a spring scent but still yummy smelling.

How did I save so much money this year?
-I did my research and avoided the crowds!

What does that mean?
-I wrote down a list of the things that I needed and wanted, and also a list of my favorite stores.  I am not going to wait 3 hours in line at a store I don't like shopping at.  It's a waste of time!  Once I created my list the week before Thanksgiving holiday, I went to all the stores picked all items I wanted but did not purchase them because I knew they were going to go on sale.  I also asked all the sales associates if they were having the same deals at the stores available online.  Once I gathered all my data I created a plan that made my shopping a piece of cake.

What motived me?
-I went to the mall last year for Black Friday and it was a hot mess.  I told myself I would never do that again.  This year I was smarter.

So for those of you who want to prepare for next year.  Create a budget, make a list, do your research and have fun!

Thank you so much for reading!

Love, Vanesa Jhoy
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