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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Trip to the Philippines: Cebu; Mactan Shrine, Taost Temple, Heritage of Cebu Monument (Part 3)

After Manila, I took a plane down south to the island of Cebu.  The flight was only 45 minutes long and stayed in Cebu for 3 days.  This is what I did on the first day.

Mactan Shrine
The Mactan Shrine was created in honor of Lapu-Lapu.  He was a Mactan Chief who defeated Ferdinand Mangellan during the Spanish invasions.  Lapu-lapu's story is very prominent in Filipino history.  There is also a fish named after him called the Lapu-Lapu fish! 

The Magellan shrine located behind me is in honor of Ferdinand Megallan.  He was a Portuguese explorer and according to historians, the shrine marks the site of Magellans death.  The shrine stands about 30 ft tall.

Here is another shrine in honor of the history in Cebu island.  I posted this photo on instagram.

Shangri-La's Mactan Resort & Spa
Shangri-La's Mactan Resort & Spa is so beautiful!  

 Here's quick video of the Shangri-La's Mactan Resort and Spa in Cebu, Philippines!  If you would like to know more information please click [here].

Check out the amazing view!

Taoist Temple- Beverly Hills, Cebu
The Taoist temple was built in 1972 by the Chinese community in beverly hills.  It is a multitiered temple and is 980 ft above sea level.  The Taoist temple is open to the public, however there are some areas that are not open to the public unless you are going to worship. Below are photos of the gorgeous location!

Cebu Heritage Monument
The Cebu Heritage Monument is located in the middle of Plaza Parain.  It showcases the symbolic events that happened during the Rajah Humabon.  Construction started in 1997 and it was inaugurated in 2000.
The design is exquisite and the artists attention to detail was captured eloquently.  

Fort San Pedro
Fort San Pedro was built in the 1700s to protect the Filipinos and Spanish conquistadors from the Muslim raids.
It is shaped into a triangle, two sides facing the sea and the thirds side facing the land.  

Flight to Cebu

Here is the video I posted on instagram before my flight to Cebu Islands!

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To be continued...
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