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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Trip to the Philippines: Sky Experience Adventure (Part 4)

My second day in Cebu was spent at the Crown Regency Hotel and Towers.  I had a fabulous time and enjoyed every minute of it!  Crown Regency Hotel is located in the heart of Cebu.  It has a lot of thrilling fun activities for families and great for all ages.  It also ranges from indoor and outdoor activities for anytime of the day.  Please click [here] for their direct website.

Edge Coaster
click [here] for more info
The Edge Coaster is on the top of the 38th floor of the Crown and Regency Hotel and rotates around the edge of the building for a panoramic view of Cebu City.
It towers over 400 feet above ground and the coaster tilts down 55 degrees while going around the edge of the building! It's exhilarating!
Look at the fabulous view!  This ride isn't for those who are afraid of heights.  It's very safe however it does get windy.  Also the ride is somewhat slow, like at a walking speed pace, therefore if you are scared of heights this ride may last forever for you!  The angle of the coaster is also able to pivot up and down.

Tower Zip
click [here] for more info
I did not go on this ride, however I was able to bare witness. lol.  The tower zip is connected to two buildings almost reaching 500 ft in the air!
The zip liners also get to wear really cool orange and blue jumpsuits!

Sightseeing Binoculars
If don't do any of the dare-devil activities, you are still able to look through the sightseeing binoculars to see Cebu City at a safe distance!
Cebu City was extremely beautiful especially during the sunset!

Skywalk Extreme
click [here] for more info
This is another cool activity where you can walk around the edge of the building.  It is just below the top floor and you also get to wear the cool orange and blue jumpsuits.  Depending on how large your group is some people were outside for about 30 minutes!  Every person has a single photoshoot opportunity as well as a group picture!

Sky One Dinner Buffet
They also have a floor dedicated to a enormous buffet!  One of the things that I liked about the buffet was they had different stations for different types of food around the world. The desert table also was very delicious!
The view was also breathtaking!

Yellow Python and Tiger
One of the things I really wanted to see in the Philippines were exotic animals, especially a snake!  I was so surprised they had a snake and even a tiger hanging out in the hotel!

What a beauty!  Very kind too, acted just like a cat, didn't pay any mind that I was petting him/her either. Sorry about the quality of the photo, it was taken on my phone with zoom.

After I went to Sky Experience Adventure I went Cebu's SM Mall that had another Hello Kitty life-size themed community!  Ironically I was wearing a Hello Kitty shirt that day too!

I also ate mat Man's Restaurant to eat famous Filipino cuisines. Max's Restaurant has been established since 1945. I ate Max's fried chicken with fried sweet potatoes, tofu and vegetables, and crispy pork.  You will die of a heart attack but its so delicious!

Thanks for Reading!

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To be continued... 
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