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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Maleficent Nails Tutorial :)

This tutorial will teach you how to make how to create Maleficent inspired nails! 
I was inspired by Maleficent's horns, green skin, and purple makeup!
You only need black, white, green, and purple nail polish.  Along with scotch tape and a makeup sponge!
Easy step!
Make sure when you apply the scotch tape your nails are completely dry!  Also try putting the tape on the back of your hand a couple times to reduce tackiness.
It does not have to be neat and only apply a thin layer.
I've cut the makeup sponge in half, to fit the sides of my nails and to not waste any product!
It's your choice you can do green fading to purple design or purple fading to green design!
Apply light pressure only!  If you press too hard it will smear your design!
This is the best part!
Comes out beautifully!
Love it!
Haphazard is a very beautiful royal purple.  Looks great on all skin tones!
Radioactive is a very bright and fun green color and perfect for a pop of color!
Radioactive matches perfectly with Angelina Jolie's eyes and aura!... or Aurora... lol tee hee JK 
Can't wait to watch Maleficent!
If you are a fan of the movie Maleficent or just want to paint your nails in a unique simple design, I would highly recommend doing this tutorial!  It's very easy to do and it's fun!  Try playing around with different colors and it will turn out awesome every time!

Thanks for Reading! -Vanessa Jhoy
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