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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Black Lacquer Mascara Review

Hello Everyone!  Today I will reviewing Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Black Lacquer Mascara.  Aside from the lengthy name,  this mascara is suppose to add volume and length to your lashes with the fiber formula.   

 Fiber mascara is within the formula.  The formula contains little fibers that attaches to the end of your lashes to add length and volume, like little hairs.  

The packaging is okay, it looks very classy.  I like the black and gold and it has a unique shape. 

Look at the difference!  It definitely adds lots of length, volume is okay, but boy is it clumpy! >_<

If you look really closely you can see the little fibers.  The wand is okay, nothing special.

The fiber formula really darkens the lashes and is very black.  

Classy and edgy packaging.

Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Mascara Review

  • Lengthens! The fibers really do attach to the end of the lashes, creating a lot of length!
  • Dramatic!  This mascara really makes a difference to your lashes. If you are looking for a noticeable change, this will be the mascara for you!
  • Long Lasting!  Lasts all day and does not flake!

  • Clumpy:  I might have put too many coats however it was really clumpy and my lashes were really starting to stick together.  Sometimes when I blink I feel like my top and bottom lashes 

Overall I really like this mascara for those who love the spidery lash look.  I would not recommend this mascara you are looking for something natural.  It seems not to flake so if you are wearing contacts I would not worry about getting any mascara in your eyes.  It also removes very easily with any cleansing products and water.

Disclaimer:  I don't know how this mascara comparers to other fiber mascaras.  This is the first fiber mascara I have tried so far!  Please let me know if there are others you would like of me to try!

I purchased this mascara from Walmart click [here] icon for the link, it's very affordable! USA, LLC

Would I repurchase?  Probably not.  I always like trying new mascaras!

Thanks for Reading- Vanessa Jhoy
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