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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fall Inspired Nails Tutorial :)

Hello Everyone!  Today's tutorial is inspired by the fall!  I love fall, and it is my favorite season!  I was inspired by the changing colors of the leaves.  They are so beautiful during this time of year and I wanted to portray that in today's tutorial. :)
This tutorial is a combination of the ombre effect and free hand drawing!

If you don't have a nail art brush feel free to use a toothpick or a end of a bobby pin!

The white will help the colors pop and blend the colors more easily.  This step does not have to be neat and make sure you apply a thin layer!

This will create the ombre effect on your nails.  This will represent the changing color of leaves!

If you want a more in depth tutorial please click [here]

Don't be afraid of messing up!  That is the beauty of free drawing nails.  Just like leaves, every design is unique!  It gives it more character!

This is one of my favorite nail tutorials.  It's simple but yet so beautiful at the same time.  I love that the design does not have to be perfect and you can tweak it  to your own personality!

Love the gradient effect of the color and the dark maroon colors of the leaves, it blends so seamlessly.

This can be done on long or short nails! :)

OMG this color is sooooo gorgeous!  OPI's "Every Month is Oktoberfest" is perfect for fall!  Stunning vampy look and will look absolutely amazing on every skin tone!  It is definitely one of my favorite nail polishes for fall!

I have gotten so many positive compliments and requests on how to do this nail design, so I am sharing this with you!  Feel free to use different colors or freehand different shaped leaves.  I hope this tutorial inspired you.  Have fun painting your nails! :)

Thanks for Reading! -Vanessa Jhoy
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