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Monday, October 13, 2014

Pumpkin Patch

I love fall!  It's my favorite time of the year.  The weather is just right and I love the change of season.  Every year I go to local pumpkin patch to experience natures magic.
Look at these pumpkins they are so huge!  The one behind me is 783 pounds and won 3rd place!  Wowzers!

It was so crowded.  The changing of leaves look so beautiful.

I decided to keep my outfit simple.  A plaid shirt, jeans, and boots.

There was a goat farm so I had to visit them.  Ironically, I'm afraid of goats. lol.

The baby goats are so cute!

This little guy was getting a little rowdy.  Excuse the awkward pose. haha

hehe. goat.

It's a great place to take family photos.

There is a guard llama named Chewy.

Can't be on a farm without ginormous haystacks! 

Little piglets.

This little piglet wants to be in the bucket. lol.

All the children love the massive slides.

The purse I decided to bring was my Michael Kors black leather purse.  The perfect size and easy to carry around.

The pumpkins look gorgeous.  They are glowing.

Local shops are the best, the food is always fresh.

Even this corn stalk looks amazing.

This is the last the last photo before I left.  I got my pumpkin and my pumpkin spice latte!  It tasted so delicious!

What is your favorite season?

Thanks for reading! Xoxox -Vanessa Jhoy
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