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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Spiderweb Nails Tutorial :)

This tutorial will teach you how to create creepy spiderweb nails!
These nails are great for the month of October. Feel free change up the color combination for a different effect.  I decided to use a metallic silver for my webs for a more realistic look.

What you need are black and silver nail polish with a thin nail art brush.

You don't have to paint your nails black.  Feel free to use any color you like!

Depending on the direction of where you want your web to be,  make sure you take the line to one of the corners of your nails.  For this particular nail, upper right hand corner.

Line two must connect with line 1 to start the base of your nail.

You will slowly start to see the base of your spiderweb nails.

The forth line will finalize the base.

Here comes the fun part!  Make sure when you are drawing your web nails the "c" is convex to the base starting point.

Draw a smaller tier in the same direction.

If your web is too short, or if you want to make your web bigger, extend the lines that were previously drawn.

Draw more webs to complete the look!  Make sure your webs are all drawn the same direction.

You've completed drawing spiderweb nails!  Awesome job!

Add some rings and midi-rings for the perfect accessory!

Difficultly: I'll admit it requires practice!  Here are some tips for success

Spiderweb Tips
  1. First start out by drawing spiderwebs on a piece of paper to master the shape and layout of each nail
  2. Then draw the spiderwebs in a smaller scale to match the size of each nail
  3. Repeat this process until you are comfortable
  4. I highly suggest using a nail brush because its much easier to draw on, but if you don't own one, using a toothpick is fine!  
  5. Take your time, steady your hand, and use short strokes to create the spiderweb onto the nail
I purchases my nailbrush set [here]  it's so cheap and definitely a great investment if you plan on creating more nail designs!

What is your favorite thing to do for the month of October?

Thanks for reading! Vanessa Jhoy xoxo
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