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Friday, January 20, 2017

Tijuana Mexico Travel Blog

Tijuana, Mexico, wow!  Never thought in a million years I would be able to cross the US border to Mexico by foot, yet here we are.  Let me tell you about my adventure!

I'll be honest I was scared,  I've watched so many movies and TV shows where they talk about the dangers of the border and it terrified me.  However, it wasn't bad at all!

This is a photo merossing the border, I felt so cool. haha.  I'm sure a lot of people do this on a day-to-day basis, but I live in the middle of the East Coast (Washington DC area).  There are no borders around me.

Here is a picture of the line going back into the US.  The line is so long and there are a lot of vendors for snacks and drinks.  I'm glad I decided to walk the border, I would of waited for hours going back!

The famous Tijuana Arch!  You can even see it from the US side!

Hotel Ticuan is where I stayed in Tijuana, Mexico and it was worth the money!  It's not as expensive when compared to US dollars, and the service and rooms are impeccable!  I loved everything about it and wouldn't of stayed anywhere else.  The hotel is luxurious and safe, they have a security guard on stand by 24/7, and the staff is amazing.

Hotel Ticuan has a restaurant called Albahaca on the main floor that offers delicious food.  If you are concerned about street food vendors this is a great place to start.  The restaurant is very clean and well maintained and the customer service is superb.  In this photo, amazing fish tacos.

Enchiladas and steak.

My favorite shrimp ceviche, it is so good!

The crackers, tabasco, and lemon sauce Albahaca provides.

You cannot go to Tijuana without taking a picture with the zebra donkey!  You have to pay to pet and have a photo taken with the donkey.  Honestly, it's kind of expensive, they initially charged me $20USD for one colored printed photo with the donkey.  I haggled them down to $10USD.  They will take a picture of you with their digital camera and will have someone take it to a nearby store to have a 5x7 colored photo printed within 10 minutes.  It's a business so I don't blame them for trying to hustle money off tourists.

The vendor treated the donkey very well and they take good care of her.  You will find different donkeys in every street corner because they're so popular and you will have the option of choosing a donkey of your choice.  I chose Monica.  The entire experience with the donkey took no longer than 2 minutes.  I spent more time waiting for the photo to be printed than anything else.

Taking a photo with this cool mural donkey was free! :)

Tijuana 664 is one of the popular T-shirt tourist stores on the main strip.  They also have a neat looking zebra donkey statue you can take a picture with.  Are you starting to see the theme here? 

I then visited Tijuana Beach or better known as Playas De Tijuana.  It was cold and rainy that day so it was definitely not swim suit weather.

Bienvenidos "Welcome" area looked kinda rough.

Since Tijuana is so close to the border, they dedicated a small section of a park to it.  This is a statue representing the Boundary of the United States.

The other side of the statue which explains some history about border.  Left side in English, right side in Spanish. 

An overall view of the statue next to the border.

They also have a plaque representing the 50th anniversary of the Tlatelolco Treaty.

This is one of my favorite pictures representing the US and Mexico border.  It looks so surreal.  The brown fence on the right is the Mexican side and the white fence on the left is the US side.  You can see all the security cameras on the US side.  The two sides are so different from each other, so close yet so far.

This is the other side of the fence closet to the beach.  You can see how it kind of cuts off, but I heard if you try to cross it someone is already waiting for you on the other side to bring you back.  Trust me, I didn't try it.

Another view of the border.  Very cool but slightly uncomfortable knowing that someone was probably watching me on the security footage.

But on a brighter note, Mexico really tried to make the border pretty.  I am a fan of this panda mural.

Here is a picture of the Tijuana boardwalk.  I went on an early winter morning so there was no one there, plus it was raining.

A view on Tijuana's lighthouse.

They also had this public hut.  I'm sure a lot of people come here to barbecue and eat during the summer.

This awesome fish mural.

Another cool Aztec inspired mural.

The steps of Tijuana that has so many different artwork on them.

A mural with Nelson Mandela on it.

There was also this really cute coffee shop called Huerto Urbano that I got a latte from.  The latte was delicious. 

The inside is super cute and totally my style.

Not only do they have really good coffee, but they also sell organic jams and cheeses.  Best of all they offered free WiFi and access to a bathroom to their customers!

And to end my blog post with my favorite Tijuana picture taken by the beach!

Overall I enjoyed my stay at Tijuana, Mexico.  It can be scary at first, but you get over it very quickly.  The people there are very nice and welcoming.  I ran into absolutely no trouble which was great.  The food was great and everything was very entertaining.  If you plan to go to Tijuana Mexico anytime in the nearby future, I hope you found this blog post helpful!  Thanks for reading!

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Thank you so much for your love and support! Have a wonderful day!  

Love Always, Vanessa Jhoy
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